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Current news

Dec 10, 2013

AHP Releases New QC Monograph–
Cannabis Inflorescence Cannabis spp.
Dec 18, 2012 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Aloe Vera Juice & Inner Leaf Juice
June 21, 2012 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Blue Cohosh Root and Rhizome
May 7, 2012 AHP and Bent Creek Inst. Form Botanical Materials Supply Partnership
Mar 6, 2012 AHPA Insight Award To Roy Upton
Feb 28, 2012 ABC James A. Duke Award To Roy Upton
Dec 7, 2011 AHP Releases New Monograph —
American Ginseng Root
Nov 9, 2011 AHP: Star Anise Adulteration Document
Oct 11, 2011 ASP VarroTyler Award To Roy Upton
Mar 11, 2011 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Slippery Elm Inner Bark
Mar 9, 2011 AHP Releases New Text–Botanical Pharmacognosy: Microscopic Characterization of Botanical Medicines
Aug 23, 2010 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Echinacea pallida Root
Apr 22, 2010 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Echinacea angustifolia Root
Mar 12, 2010 60 New Chinese AHP-Verified™ Botanical Reference Materials
Mar 10, 2010 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Stinging Nettles Root
Jul 9, 2009 AHP Releases New Monograph–
Stinging Nettles Herb
Feb 2, 2009 AHP Releases Herbal QRS Bulletin to Address Quality, Research, and Safety Issues
Jun 4, 2007 New AHP Monograph and Botanical Reference Standards Developed for Feverfew
Jan 25, 2007 AHP Releases Quality Control Standard and Therapeutic Compendium for Dietary Supplements
Dec 8, 2006 Good Agricultural and Collection Practice Draft Now Available for Comment
Aug 29, 2006 AHP Introduces New Quality Botanical Macroscopy Profile™
May 30, 2006 American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® Responds to Black Cohosh Study
Apr 26, 2006 Sponsors and Participants Build Momentum for HerbDay™
Apr 21, 2006 Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice
Mar 20, 2006 AHP Leads Key Coalition to Celebrate HerbDay™


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