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Botanical Authentication Services

Home Botanical Authentication Services

The authoritative identification of botanical specimens is central to the safety and integrity of the work AHP members and customers perform every day. Whether that work involves research, education, the practice of medicine, or sourcing raw material for industry, the fruit of those efforts ultimately hinge on the accurate authentication of botanical samples.

The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® offers the following botanical identification services. Please contact us when you’re ready to discuss your specimen authentication needs.

Customer Specimen Authentication

Customer Provides Specimen

AHP provides authentication of customer specimens. On receiving your sample, AHP will authenticate the material and professionally mount it as a herbarium specimen.

Cost: $275.00*

* includes mounted specimen, certificate of authenticity, and shipping in North America

Authenticated AHP Specimens

AHP Provides Specimen

If you require an authenticated specimen of a botanical you do not possess, AHP will have the specimen ethically collected, identified, and mounted as a herbarium specimen.

Cost: $725.00*

* includes specimen sourcing and mounting, a certificate of authenticity, and shipping in North America

Macroscopic / Sensory Identification

Customer Provides Specimen

AHP also provides macroscopic and sensory (organoleptic) identification of a customer’s botanical sample (including powders). A certificate of authenticity is provided.

Cost: $225.00*

* includes identification, AHP certificate of authenticity, and shipping in North America

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